Built For A Dealer Like You

We’re bike dealers, and we created this program because we wanted a better way to handle our digital leads, just like you do. The old way of making our sales staff handle them just didn’t seem efficient enough, so we set out down a different path. What this program did for us was more than we ever anticipated. Better average response times, higher appointment rates and stronger close rates, for less money. Now, we want to bring our program to you and help you achieve the success you deserve.

Seven times more
DLP Staff

Speed To Lead

Our industry-leading program takes existing digital leads and turns them into face-to-face appointments. We work as an extension of your business, giving you back time and money, and most importantly helping you sell more bikes.

Our highly specialized team responds quickly to inquiries and continuously follows up with your leads to maximize the number of appointments set. There is no such thing as a lead that is too old.

Additionally, our agents are laser-focused and distraction-free.  They don’t get called away to handle sales, shuffle inventory or anything else in a dealership. Setting appointments is all they do and they do it at a cost less than having in-house staff.

Complimentary demos are scheduled at your convenience. Request a demo below advise the day and time that best fits your schedule. Contact us at sellmorebikes@sfe-us.com with any questions.

“I’ve surrounded myself my entire life with people who know more than I do. Now I want to impart the knowledge that I’ve gained to help others find success.” – Scott Fischer

Show Me The Data

Avg. Response Time

We all know that when it comes to selling online, first contact is vital. Our program works with that in mind so nobody feels like their requests go unheard.

Appt. Kept Rate
Appt. Set Rate

Once you’ve made contact, the next step may take five minutes or five weeks, but our team stays on the lead to get that appointment booked and kept.

Appt. Close Rate

This leaves more time for your salespeople to train and prepare for when that appointment comes in. Now you can really make an impression that gives you the greatest chance for success.