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Welcome to the DLP Family!

Ready to Drive More Appointments?

We pride ourselves on providing our dealers with:

  • Better than average response times in under 5 minutes
  • “Buy or Die” follow up from highly qualified agents that are motorcycle people just like us
  • Increased Quality Appointments
  • Stronger Sales Opportunities

Ultimately we will save you time and money, make your sales team more productive, provide peace of mind and help your team sell more bikes! Let’s get your launch call scheduled!

Digital Sales Process

There are three phases we have identified in the Digital Sales Process.

Phase I: Website Traffic
It’s no secret today’s customers are educating themselves digitally before visiting the store. The same way a dealership drives floor traffic, it’s just as critical that the dealer does the same to drive digital traffic to the website.

Phase II: Digital Lead Follow Up
This is where DLP thrives. In this phase, it’s imperative to focus on quality follow-up to convert your digital leads into kept appointments and create an exceptional customer experience. DLP establishes, builds, and maintains positive relationships to get them from their initial hand raise to a kept appointment.

Phase III: Lead Conversion
Once an appointment shows, communication transfers to the dealership. The dealer’s internal sales team converts the kept appointment into a sale.  Phase three is all about the dealer’s internal sales operations and internal sales process.

Let’s Talk Expectations

Our Dealer Success Team will be working closely with your team to ensure that your dealership is onboarded properly and timely. Here’s what you can expect over the next two weeks:

  • Agreement via DocuSign
  • CRM Integration and Setup
  • Ring Central Communication Setup
  • Launch Preparation
  • Detailed Welcome Letter

Communication is Key

Our team prides itself on effective communication. You can expect the following:

  • Real-time appointments scheduled via text thread
  • Daily appointments scheduled via daily email update
  • Mid-month reports including appointments set, appointments kept, credit applications received, and sales)
  • Monthly performance review