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The DLP Difference

What can you expect with Digital Lead Performance?

•  Quicker response times in under five minutes

   More face-to-face appointments to your showroom

   Longevity of follow up through our buy or die philosophy

   More HDFS credit applications

   Immediate no-show follow-up

•  More “A” scores for Pied Piper

•  Reduction of your store’s overhead cost (staffing, management, equipment, etc.)

•  Highly trained agents who are laser-focused and distraction-free

•  Our agents join the emotional journey, overcome objections, and understand frequently asked questions

•  Consistent and tenacious frequency of follow up methods through outbound calls, texts, and emails

•  Proficient in Eleads and many other industry-leading CRMs with meticulous note-taking on every conversation

•  Daily, weekly, and monthly detailed metrics, tracking, and reports

•  Real-time communication via RingCentral

“When it comes to taking a digital lead and hand-delivering him/her to the dealership door as a “buying customer,” nobody does it better. These guys truly act as an extension of your existing sales team.”

– Sam Dantzler, President of Garage Composites

What are you waiting for?

Save Time

Our team of experts handle all of the day-to-day activities of the digital sales process.

Save Money

Reduce your store’s overhead cost by working with our team.

Make Your Sales Team More Productive

Our team allows your staff to focus on what is most important in the store: selling more motorcycles.

Peace of Mind

We work seven days a week across various time zones building positive relationships on your store’s behalf.

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