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Digital Lead PerformancePowersports Business
DLP introduces digital sales solution software
December 20, 2022

“Digital Lead Performance has launched LeadHelm, a digital sales solution software that simplifies the digital buying experience for both customers and dealerships.
LeadHelm makes it easy for dealers to communicate with their digital customers quickly and effectively. No matter how many leads a dealer receives per month, LeadHelm simplifies the digital lead follow up process by organizing, managing and prioritizing digital leads.”







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Digital Lead PerformancePress Release
Digital Lead Performance launches digital sales solution software, LeadHelm
December 2022

“Fort Myers, Florida-based technology company, Digital Lead Performance (DLP), is excited to unveil and launch the first of its kind, a digital sales solution software, LeadHelm. Digital Lead Performance is currently a key player in the powersports and Harley-Davidson® industries and is entering marine, RV and automotive markets. This new digital sales solution software simplifies the digital buying experience for both customers and dealerships across the country.”
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Digital Lead PerformanceDealerNews
DLP Partners with CDK
July 2022

“Digital Lead Performance (DLP), a technology company designed by dealers for dealers and known for its speed in converting digital sales leads into appointments, has announced a game-changing partnership with CDK Global. The collab will see data exchange and API Integration with CDK’s innovative “eleads” program.”
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Digital Lead PerformanceMotorcycle & Powersports News
Digital Lead Performance Unveils Innovative Sales Software Platform
August 2022

“Technology company Digital Lead Performance (DLP) has announced the rollout of its revolutionary new web-based technology that manages the digital sales process from lead to transaction with ease to increase the return on investment (ROI) across all industries. ”
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How to Simplify the Digital Sales Process in 3 Phases

– 3 Minute Read – Dealers & the Digital Sales Process Mastering the sales process during a digital age has its rewards and its challenges. More than ever before, buyers now have multiple influences impacting their purchase journey. If handled correctly, dealers can convert 40 percent of their digital leads into set appointments with 70 […]

Ideal Clients – Qualifying the Lead

A well-defined customer scorecard could be exactly what you need to take your dealership from 0 to hero in no time. Before diving in, it’s important to understand the difference between marketing qualified and sales qualified leads. MQL’s are typically prospects who have taken an interest in your brand or product and are in a […]

3 Tips to Develop a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

Consumers are online more than ever. They may go to your digital showroom a few times and check out Facebook and other platforms before they go back to make the final purchase. This can take a few months or up to a year. The experiences they have along the way could determine whether they buy […]

Top 5 Sales Trends of 2022

Are you ready to REV up your bottom line? 2022 is full of opportunities for growth. While sales are going strong, buyers are still working remotely, online sales are increasing, and the pandemic has urged companies to consider revamping their digital sales strategy to meet the rising demand in the digital marketplace. Are you keeping […]

The iOS 15 Update’s Effects on Newsletter Analytics

Does your dealership utilize email marketing? If so, you might be in for a surprise. A recent update to the iPhone operating system is about to change how we measure the success of newsletter campaigns. On September 20, Apple released iOS 15, the newest version of their mobile operating system. This update included an upgrade […]

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