Ideal Clients – Qualifying the Lead

A well-defined customer scorecard could be exactly what you need to take your dealership from 0 to hero in no time. Before diving in, it’s important to understand the difference between marketing qualified and sales qualified leads. MQL’s are typically prospects who have taken an interest in your brand or product and are in a more “curious” state of mind. (Think ‘top of funnel”) As the prospect completes certain steps along their journey, the customer becomes more positioned to buy. Therefore, evolving into a sales qualified lead.

What are these steps or interactions to look for? Well, that depends on what milestones your sales strategy decides to add value to. Lucky for you, determining what qualifiers are most important to the success of your team can be as simple as looking at your data! Take a moment to consider the following qualifiers to apply to your customer.

Data reports prove to us that applying certain practices, such as following up with your customers in under 5 minutes, can increase your chance of a conversion by x%. Consider setting value to your leads based on your response times to help your staff know exactly how to nurture your leads.

Are you seeing a lower conversion rate from certain lead sources? Take it is a sign to do a quick audit. First ensure your source is functioning properly. Second, evaluate the positioning and overall ROI of the source itself.

Check the records! Accountability is key to ensure your team is properly influencing the emotional journey. Checking communication logs and searching for opportunities to step in and help your staff can be just the nudge need to successfully convert your lead to an official customer.

There are so many more data points you can leverage as lead qualifiers when building your customer score card. And while it can be a lengthy process don’t let it discourage you. Setting value to identifiers helps your marketing team leverage segmented lists, produce more effective content, and drive dialed in events and campaigns.

Taking the time to do this process has the potential to build clarity between your Marketing and Sales departments and help your team convert better-qualified leads at an amplified pace!

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