How to Simplify the Digital Sales Process in 3 Phases

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Dealers & the Digital Sales Process

Mastering the sales process during a digital age has its rewards and its challenges. More than ever before, buyers now have multiple influences impacting their purchase journey. If handled correctly, dealers can convert 40 percent of their digital leads into set appointments with 70 percent of those appointments showing. Most importantly, 30 percent of those kept appointments WILL purchase if the process is maximized. 

In short, managing and nurturing the digital lead from the initial website visit to the final transaction is all it takes. However, as most dealers know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. This simplified digital sales process with a three-phase approach will change how dealerships navigate the digital lead process and help turn their salesforce into a more efficient selling machine. 

Phase 1 – Digital Lead Generation

A customer’s first impression of your dealership and customer service is made within 10 seconds of visiting a website. This makes your digital showroom as important as your physical showroom. Having the right layout to shop online, call-to-action buttons and showcasing up-to-date inventory are critical. With 1 to 3 percent of traffic converting to a lead, investing in increasing website visits and unique traffic should be a dealer’s top priority. Make it your goal to reach that 3 percent with an interactive digital showroom to increase lead generation.

Phase 2 – Following Up on Digital Leads

Now that you are driving more website traffic and generating qualified leads, high caliber follow-up is essential for an exceptional digital experience resulting in more set appointments. Follow up with EVERY incoming digital lead. NO EXCEPTIONS! And do so within 10 minutes. Take it a step further by developing and measuring benchmarks such as response time, set and kept appointment percentages and sold percentages and adjust as needed. Most importantly, continue following up with leads for a 30 day cycle at minimum.

Phase 3 – Digital Lead Conversion

Turning kept appointments into a sale results in a greater ROI for the time and hard work accomplished in the first two phases. Converting a lead to a sale is when your dealer’s internal sales process takes over. Be ready outside the showroom by having options for the desired purchase ready. Inside the dealership, log the visit and details into the CRM. And always follow up with the lead after their appointment, even if no sale was made.

Digital Lead Performance makes it easier for dealers to sell more units by simplifying the digital sales process. DLP has a proven track record of helping dealerships see higher appointment rates, better average response times, more set and kept appointments, and stronger sales opportunities. Imagine the digital sales process providing your sales team with more opportunities to sell more units.

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