The iOS 15 Update’s Effects on Newsletter Analytics

iOS 15’s Effect on Newsletter Analytics

Does your dealership utilize email marketing? If so, you might be in for a surprise. A recent update to the iPhone operating system is about to change how we measure the success of newsletter campaigns. On September 20, Apple released iOS 15, the newest version of their mobile operating system. This update included an upgrade to their “Mail Privacy Protection” (MPP) that will affect the performance tracking of email marketing campaigns across the globe.

Will the recent iOS updates affect my newsletter metrics?

Knowing how many individuals opened your newsletter is useful for improving your newsletters. These numbers will now be artificially inflated because of the iOS update, though. The new MPP feature will prevent senders from determining when readers have opened an email with the iPhone’s native email application. By default, the sender will be notified that the email was opened whether or not it actually was. 

This can muddy the analytical waters for dealerships that use open rates to gauge the performance of their campaigns. Due to the unreliability of open rates going forward, dealerships should no longer rely on these statistics. Click to open ratios and A/B testing will also be affected as open rates become less accurate.

How can I measure the success of my campaigns without open rates?

Dealerships who make use of email marketing through platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact will have to shift how they measure the performance of their newsletters. Click and unsubscribe rates are unaffected by the iOS update and can still be used to measure the efficacy and reach of your campaigns. If your email marketing platform provides heat maps for user clicks, these can be used to determine what content drives the most engagement with your audience. 

Email marketing tips moving forward

With nearly 50% of email recipients using iPhone, it is likely that your contact list has at least a few Apple users. Luckily, this update won’t affect newsletter best practices. Continuing to focus on the following key factors will help to grow your audience and increase your conversion rates:

  • Use strategic and attention grabbing subject lines. This is the first thing recipients see and is often what the reader will use to determine if they are interested in opening your email.
  • Provide strong calls to action. There should be no doubt in the reader’s mind as to what the next step is if they want to learn more about your company or make a purchase.
  • Track conversion rates, rather than open rates. Every email marketing campaign is created with a specific goal in mind. By having a system in place to track sales, phone calls and other measurable results from an e-blast, you will be able to determine whether your emails generate the results you are expecting. 

Each of these practices play a vital role in running an effective email campaign. As we shift into a world without accurate open rates, you can rest assured that your ability to generate great email content will not be affected if you follow them. 

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