Top 5 Sales Trends of 2022

Top 5 Sales Trends of 2022

Are you ready to REV up your bottom line? 2022 is full of opportunities for growth. While sales are going strong, buyers are still working remotely, online sales are increasing, and the pandemic has urged companies to consider revamping their digital sales strategy to meet the rising demand in the digital marketplace.

Are you keeping an eye on these TOP trends to SELL MORE UNITS in 2022?

In this piece, we cover the five most important sales trends for you to watch as we move into 2022.

1. Today’s buyers are better informed than ever before

Over 90% of customers research their products online before they make a purchase. As a result, buyers already know the what of your products and company, so your sales reps are left to answer the why of your company. 

DLP focuses on influencing the emotional journey of your buyers from the moment we receive their initial inquiry. How are you continuing to influence this emotional journey once they arrive in your showroom for their appointment?

  1. How are you interacting with your buyers?
  2. How are you incentivizing repeat buyers?
  3. Do you understand your customers’ passion/pain points?
  4. Are you taking an individualized and personalized approach to each sales interaction?

Ultimately, your buyers are doing the research before they ever submit an inquiry, and they expect you to do yours as well. Understanding your customer-base and their unique needs is an important part of SELLING MORE UNITS. 

2. CXI expectations are on the rise

Customer experience expectations are on the rise. Are you fulfilling your CXI needs? To maximize your customer experience your company needs to be:

  1. Fast
  2. Accessible
  3. Personable
  4. Have an Up-to-Date CRM

Why focus on improving your CXI? As dealers, you know that inventory issues continue to be on the rise, and your CXI rating translates into MORE units for you to sell. Eighty-six percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Are you leveraging this change?

With the importance of CXI on the rise, your revenue AND your reputation are riding on your customer experience:

Influencing the emotional journey

According to 2021 Forbes research, 91 percent of buyers report that they are more likely to shop with brands that engage with them and for 98 percent of marketers, personalization helps to advance customer relationships. When you want to rev up your bottom line, it is important to influence the emotional journey from the moment you receive an online inquiry.

These numbers prove that focusing on the emotional journey is invaluable to helping you SELL MORE UNITS. When your CXI is strong, your potential customers won’t need to struggle over the price because they will be so satisfied with the product AND the experience.

Conversational sales and social selling

Before a customer arrives in your store, they are checking out your digital showroom. This includes your social media presence and any way they can connect with your team digitally. Customers are likely to check your Facebook, Instagram, and Google presence in addition to your official company website. How accessible are you to your customers across all your virtual access points?
Potential buyers are looking for simplicity, immediacy and accessibility. Are you engaging with your customers on all of your digital platforms? How fast are your follow ups? 

3. Focus on organizational health

Over the last few years, companies have had to become more adaptable than ever in order to meet the needs of their customer base; but, what about your sales team? Underappreciated sales teams lead to turnover, lowered production, and LESS units sold. Focusing on organization health ensures that your sales team feels accomplished and challenged with their job. 

Your sales team is an integral part of how you grow. Investing in your organizational health will help to drive more sales and help you SELL MORE UNITS. Paying attention to smaller sales successes helps to create incentives to work hard, and having supporting infrastructure for your team leads to happier employees. Happy employees are far more likely to go the extra mile and help you SELL MORE UNITS.

When you encourage your team, that positive attitude and reputation brings in more customers and more potential employees. Instead of chasing down employees, attract them with great organizational health and an encouraging environment.

If you focus on your team, your bottom line will thank you.

4. Leverage data and analytics to drive revenue

While sales analytics may not be an exact science, they are a powerful tool that helps you leverage your current sales, industry trends and financial health, which ultimately helps you SELL MORE UNITS.

Understanding your sales analytics and how to optimize your analysis tools helps you increase your revenue and amplifies your sales teams. From newsletter campaigns to social media engagement to website traffic, you have extremely accurate metrics that can help you identify and target your ideal demographics for future marketing and sales campaigns. You have data on potential customers at your fingertips that can help you drive set and kept appointments in your showroom.

Additionally, sales data can help you identify best practices, and what isn’t working for your customer base. With your Complimentary Opportunity Analysis, our digital sales team helps you identify potential sales opportunities and inefficiencies that could be improved. By continuing to keep an eye on your sales data, we help you to stay on track to optimize your lead opportunities and SELL MORE UNITS. 

Continued analysis with the purpose of understanding your customers behavior patterns that lead to sales conversions, help to drive more set AND met appointments from your digital showroom to your dealer floor.

5. Embrace technology and digital sales

The shift to the digital marketplace is happening, whether we like it or not. To stay ahead of the trend, companies need to adapt. According to Gartner analytics, a whopping 80 percent of [B2B] sales interactions will occur digitally by 2025.

But what does this mean for you? As we see the digital sales trends on the rise, it is important to optimize your digital sales process. This helps amplify your sales team in every step of the sales process, both digitally and in person. 

Sales leaders are seeing the trend towards digital communications. Are you reflecting this shift in your sales strategy? With DLP, as you know, we integrate with your CRM and operate as an extension of your sales team in order to support your digital workflow and optimize your DIGITAL SALES PROCESS.

Have you checked your mobile site lately? If your mobile site isn’t up to scratch, 50% of buyers will stop visiting. This may seem obvious, but over 40% of users arrive in your digital doorway via mobile devices. Without a mobile friendly site, you may be missing these lead opportunities! Up to 50 percent of buyers will stop visiting, even if you are selling the unit that they want to buy.

The most important trend is a strong CRM

What does this mean for you? While 60% of dealers use elead, it is important to ask yourself if you are maximizing the potential of your CRM system, whether it’s elead or otherwise. While a powerful CRM is essential, optimizing it for your digital lead process is an integral part of how you SELL MORE UNITS. 

Don’t leave leads on the table because of internal inefficiencies and missed follow-up opportunities. Dealers with poor CRM systems or poor CRM integrations face an uphill battle against their competitors. 

With DLP, we help you maximize productivity, pipeline visibility, and revenue. This ultimately helping you SELL MORE UNITS.

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